Top 5 Unusual Tourist Attractions In Dubai

Dubai has numerous resorts and tourist attractions, from man-made islands to vending machines for gold bars; it is the height of luxury and indulgence. However, what lays beyond the gleaming resort buildings, what small hidden treasures does this land hold, away from the marvels of engineering? Let us take a look at 5 attractions you may have missed.

Dibba Rock Snorkeling


Just outside of Dubai off the coast close to Dibba, is a small island called Dibba Rock. This small reef is set away from the main coastland that sees much of the usual tourist activity. Below the waves around this hidden away island, is a treasure of sea life and a little danger. The area is known to be a gathering place for reef sharks and offers an amazing chance to see them, and of course, the fish, turtles, and rays etc. that they feed on.

Dubai Museum

The massive international metropolis didn’t just spring up out of the sands. Housed in what is believed to be the oldest standing building in Dubai, is the Dubai Museum. It offers a historical view of Dubai and desert life in general that most that visit don’t get to see. From the building of traditional homes and mosques, to a collection of artifacts and excavated musical instruments, the Museum also has a very impressive collection of ancient weapons.

Jebel Hafeet


About an hour outside of Dubai, along winding desert roads you will eventually come to a road that takes you up the side of a 1240km tall mountain. You will enjoy the view of the countryside as you drive to it and an amazing view of the whole region, once you have reached the top of the mountain. The summit has a popular hot spring resort and small restaurant that offers view seating. Those that never leave the city or that stick only to the most well known attractions would miss this little gem.

Wild Wadi

A water park seems like an odd thing to have in a desert, most would not even think to look for one, and they would be missing out. Just beside the Burj Al Arab, a marvel itself is a water park themed around the adventures of Juha, a character from Arabian folklore. This park has over 30 rides and attractions suitable for all ages and whole families. If you want a unique way to relax and beat the heat this is a fun and unexpected way to do so.

Burj Al Arab


Not really off the beaten path or an over looked gem but how can one not mention the largest hotel in the world? Especially since it does have an often over looked water park in front of it. Even if you are not staying here, the hotel has many clubs and restaurants that may get over looked or thought of as exclusives only to hotel patrons. All with unique views and world-class service, that has made the hotel arguable of 7 star status. Whether you are looking for hidden attractions or sticking to the major ones, the Burj Al Arab simply cannot be missed.

Whilst Dubai is known for its towering structures, sprawling real estate developments and ultra decadence, it also boasts many simple but pleasurable attractions that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. Step outside of the norm and begin to experience the real Dubai.

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