Three Places Where Your Kids Can Meet Their Favorite Characters on the Gold Coast

Santa Claus at the shopping centre not quite cutting it? It doesn’t matter whether your children are young enough, or credulous enough to believe that they are face to glassy eyed face with their favourite characters in real life; if they are, bonus! but even if they’re not, giving your kids the chance to meet their favourite characters will be one they won’t forget.

A trip to the theme park is a blast for everyone, and getting to meet a character from a film or show that your kids love will be the icing on the cake. Do you remember a similar experience when you were a child? The memory and the photos will last way beyond when your own little tweety birds have flown the nest.

A fun activity on the holiday could be for each of your kids to make a list of the two or three characters that they most want to meet, and then having a ‘treasure’ hunt for who can be the first to find them! For more ideas for how to make the most of your theme park visit, make sure to visit and then like on Facebook to stay ahead of the best info, tips and deals!


If you’re already on the Gold Coast for a holiday, or heading up especially for a theme park visit, make the most of your holiday and make sure you visit Wet n Wild, Sea World and Movie World; find a way to fit it all in for a holiday you won’t forget!

1. Wet n Wild: If you’re trying to cool off and looking for a hot activity look no further than Wet n Wild. The best idea you’ll have this summer is to take the whole family there to eat all the thrills, spills and splashes of this fantastic destination.

2. Sea World: If you’ve got a budding marine biologist in the family, Sea World is the perfect destination. On a survey of Bucket Lists, more people put swimming with a dolphin as there number one activity than anything else! Here’s your chance! In addition to admiring the beauty that the undersea world has to offer, the whole family will enjoy thrilling shows of stunts and tricks; try to grab a front row seat to get a splashing!

coral-and-fish-in-the-red-sea3. Movie World: No big screen is big enough to capture the excitement that Movie World can offer; ever wished that the movies were real? Here they can be. There are a range of activities to cater to children and adults, capturing the magic of classic films and movies that parents loved when they were children, as well as all the latest releases. For all the movie buffs in your family, young and old, this is an unmissable opportunity to experience your favourite flicks in a way that’s larger than life.

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