The Essentials List without which no Scuba Vacation can be successful!

So you’re planning to go for that much-awaited scuba diving vacation? But wondering how to pack and what to take along? It’s the most normal reaction…. When faced with anything new everyone feels slightly unnerved…
You don’t want to reach your scuba destination and realize you’ve left behind or forgotten to pack any of the many essential supplies that anyone would need to scuba dive. So here is a list, in 3 parts – essentials, safety and additional!

So browse through this list and find out exactly which are the essentials you may have been missing out on in your hurry to pack:

  • Depending on how many times and how much you intend to dive, be prepared with oxygen… It is going to be your life-giving-elixir underwater!
  • Tubes and regulators. And we suggest you pack some extras, in case the ones you are using give out for some reason…
  • A mask that will not fog up so that you can have the perfect view of the underwater vista.
  • Of course, a wetsuit.
  • A pair of scuba fins and if you need them, neoprene booties.
  • A scuba rebreather, but this is optional.
  • A snorkel so that you can conserve oxygen when near the surface.
  • A weight belt to balance the buoyancy of the oxygen you carry.
  • A dive watch to tell time underwater
  • A dive table for the area.

In case of Emergencies:

  • To tackle any cuts and bruises you may have while you dive, keep a first aid kit handy.
  • An emergency oxygen kit is also a good idea, just in case your tank fails.
  • The sun reflecting off the water can cause serious sunburn, so don’t forget a good supply of sunscreen.
  • Also take a hat and shirt to wear on the boat, to protect your skin from the sun.

The additional or optional stuff is for those who intend to collect samples for interest or study, or for those who are into underwater photography, or for other situations. If you are planning something different, it is equally important that you make yourself a checklist for equipments for that as well:

  • For collecting samples underwater, you have to have a knife with a sheath.
  • Don’t forget the collection bags to put your samples in.
  • If you are a photographer or want to make a special moment out of this adventure, don’t forget your camera and other equipment!
  • For those of you who are adventurous enough to go diving at night be sure to pack a strong underwater light, to navigate and especially to find your way back to your boat when you resurface!

Now that you have the comprehensive checklist for any scuba vacation, get packing! And don’t forget to do your usual packing for any vacation!!

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