Take A Peek The Chinese New Year Traditions From All Over The World

The Chinese from all over the world are rejoicing with the Chinese New Year traditions on January 31, 2104. Celebrating Chinese New Year was not complete without setting up holiday decorations and take a part at the others Chinese New Year traditions. Let’s take a peek at some of the Chinese New Year traditions in the following countries :

1 . Chinese New Year Traditions in Beijing

The state capital of China certainly gives a different nuance to celebrate Chinese New Year. Temple Fair became the most favorite festival which is anticipated when the Chinese New Year in Beijing. At the event there was held some religious rituals in the temple. The pagoda exhibitions also become the main attraction in Beijing. Such as, Temple of Heaven (Tiantan), which built as the witness of Beijing history. Inside the temple there are also 28 pole symbolizing the four seasons, 12 months and 12 Shichen (system of ancient Chinese time).

Wangfujing Street can also be an alternative when celebrating the Chinese New Year traditions, because there are variety knick knacks of Chinese New Year typical, also culinary souvenirs and clothes. Spring Festival also featured an entertainment from traditional arts, acrobatics, opera and tea party.

2 . Chinese New Year Traditions in Hong Kong

A variety of interesting attractions present during the celebration of Chinese New Year. In Hong Kong, they are welcoming the Chinese New Year with parade of art and also the fireworks in Victoria Harbour. The art show also become an attraction itself as Shaolin kung fu from on the raft. The community also gathered around Tsim Sha Tsui to see the cultural parade.

3 . Chinese New Year Traditions in Singapore

Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road that will enliven the Chinese New Year this time. Chingay Parade was held this year will present special exhibitions of dancers, lion dance and float. The parade will run from February 22 to 23.

4 . Chinese New Year Traditions in South Korea

In Korea, the Chinese New Year was named as the Seollal new year. In celebration of Seollal , the Korean people return to their hometowns to perform ceremonial rituals and homage to their ancestors. And because many people need to make the long journey, the day before and the day after Seollal, designated as a national holiday.

5 . Chinese New Year Traditions in San Francisco

If we happen to be in San Francisco, there are five ways to welcome the Chinese New Year. First, take to the streets between Second Street and Market Street to watch the Chinese New Year parade. The parade was also featured dance groups, bands and other attractions. The route that followed is the path of Geary and Post streets before ending at Kearny street. The organizers suggest, the best place to watch the parade was on the road Post.

6 . Chinese New Year Traditions in London

Parade will remain a major concern when the Chinese New Year in London, England. Every year, the people stormed the West End area to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Lion dance, dragon dance, until the fireworks shows was planned by the local government to enliven the turn of the Chinese New Year. The celebrations centered on Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Chinatown.

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