Koh Samui Holidays – A Mini-Guide

Koh Samui holidays offer you a vast array of different activities, and although at first you may think that this beautiful island is out of your league, you will soon discover the wondrous versatility it offers. As you begin to explore further, you will learn that there are breathtaking landscapes, magical attractions, and fascinating local traditions to enjoy.

This island is the third largest in Thailand and provides just over 95 square miles of beauty to explore, situated 435 miles from Bangkok; it is an ideal holiday destination. Koh Samui holidays are unique, and allow you to choose what suits your taste and budget. If you look past the typical holiday activities, and search deeper, you will find an phenomenal island to explore.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing yoga retreat, or want to party with the other tourists, there is something for everyone. However, taking your time to understand how this island came to life is worth the time and effort. The local people are incredibly friendly, and will ensure that you learn about their unique roots and traditions.

The beaches are one of the most popular attractions on Koh Samui, and they all have plenty to offer. Scattered amongst the swaying palm trees, nestled alongside the crystal clear blue waters, you will discover the most beautiful beaches. You can lounge about all day in a hammock, only leaving to enjoy the fresh barbecued meats that are prepared and cooked on the beach.

Chaweng Beach is one of the most popular and many tourists gather here to party all night with the locals. All day and night this beach provides a vibrant atmosphere, with different water sports and activities to enjoy. Kitesurfing and snorkelling are available, and you may be fortunate enough to be on the island for the Samui Regatta.

The Big Buddha is the islands landmark and is an impressive 12 meters high, which can be seen for miles. This magnificent gold Buddha is the first thing that you will see as you land at the airport, and is somewhere that you must visit. There are several shrines within the temple all of which will amaze you.

Snakes are something that you will see all over Asia; however, a trip to the local snake farm is essential. You will be able to get up close and personal to some of the world’s most dangerous and poisonous snakes in the world. There are also displays of scorpions and centipedes, which are interesting to discover what is native to the island.

Chaweng is the place where most tourists gather as there are several resorts, and different attractions, however, it can be appealing to explore further afield. This area is an excellent choice for families as the waters are calm, and the beaches safe. There are shopping opportunities, excellent hotels, and plenty to see and do for everyone.


Further afield there is Bang Kao, which consists of smaller coves and beaches to explore, before heading to the luxury resorts and spas. There is also the magical Samui Butterfly Garden and the Aquarium to visit. Regardless of why you choose Koh Samui holidays you will never be disappointed.

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