Holiday Destinations: Making Everything Worth the Effort

Trans-Atlantic flights, business trips to China, holidays in Bali and more: if you are planning a trip from London to one of these places, you might want to analyse your travelling arrangements for these tiring long-hour flights. Even if your neck and back muscles are sturdy and toned up, a long flight may take its toll.

Before-Flight Insights


If you are flying the economy class, chances are that you will end up feeling too tired to sip on some cocktails on the beach, an hour after landing on the Indonesian islands. Even if you travel on a first class ticket, the mere length of the journey may cause discomfort to your body, overall. Small suggestion: travel comfortably, and in style! Here’s how to make everything worth the effort.

First off, you will need to pack a few essential things that will help you relax during the journey:

Books and iPads


Needless to say; books have always been a traveller’s best friend for decades. An inspirational novel or a short story should make it to your hand luggage at any cost. You could substitute the book with an iPad. Sure, it will perform multiple functions like play your favourite song for instance, and also let you read the downloadable version of your favourite book! On the contrary, there is nothing more exhilarating than reading from a rusty novel on a long, long flight!

Socks and Shoes


As a rule of thumb, wear easy shoes! You would want to frequently put your feet up, or walk around the passage way for stretching. Clearly, long boots wouldn’t do! It is also a wise idea to bring a thick pair of socks, so that even if you take your shoes off, your feet remain protected from excessively cold temperatures. Some airline companies will also offer everything you need for a pleasant flight.

Travel cushions

Comfortable, stylish travel cushions might just be the answer to the travel stiffness in your lower back area. For instance, a top seat travelling pillow can help provide an extra layer of cushioning to any passenger.

After-Flight Insights

There are so many reasons to why people travel, but there is one that has been getting the top spot lately: to explore new designs. Some people travel to other places just to see the architecture design and get inspired. Others do it to explore new house designs, rooms and services. What people don’t know is that many famous indoor and outdoor designers were inspired by travelling to different places and staying not only in 5-star hotels, but also in inns, motels, villas and rented apartments. This weird habit helped them into building new homes and recreating a “foreign” feeling inside the house. This is important because people are detail seekers whenever they visit a new place: the kitchen, the bathrooms, the other rooms, the floors, the beds, the walls. Everything is important for people who seek inspiration:

The Kitchen


You don’t have to be an expert cook to take a look at how the kitchen looks in your vacation rental. Maybe you are just curious, maybe the girlfriend, wife, female friend wants to check and see if she can prepare a hot cup of coffee or tea to surprise you. And it’s not just women who are interested in this aspect, it’s also men who want to know if they can plan a “surprise” breakfast attack and seize the centre of attention. Either way, kitchens are important and even more important for newlyweds and couples who dream of living their life together. Maybe that Chinese or French kitchen design will leave such an impact, that they would literally build their own one back home, especially since it is so much easier to get inspired by the real deal and not just a photo.

The Bathroom

Needless to point out why this is important, not only for couples and families: the bathroom is that place where you relax and enjoy a good bath and some peace of mind. The funny thing is that each culture has its own bathroom design, which can certainly leave an impact on how we see this particular space in our homes. So while you are on vacation in China, maybe inspiration strikes and you decide to build a Chinese bath once you get back home. Who knows how many travellers decided to redesign their baths after seeing how other cultures handle their indoor designs.

Other Rooms

Vacation rentals do leave an impact on us each time we decide to do our luggage and break out of the daily routine. Bedrooms, outdoor spaces and living rooms (or should we call it the relaxation & fun zone?) must have that special element which drives you closer to exploring the home and the overall design. It’s not only a view to the beach or the location and positioning. You’d want more on your holiday. You’d want to go back to your vacation house and enjoy a quiet evening with your friends or family or your partner. And have a comfortable bed and comfortable sofas, in vivid colours. And funny wall designs. Something to get you out of that daily pattern you had back home. And of course, making you feel ready to enjoy your stay and return in the years to come.

And because holidays imply at least an effort (physical, financial, personal), you want to make everything worth it, while enjoying everything resorts and holiday places have to offer.

Author Bio:

Anthony Rocco loves to travel and to do business. He runs a business that sells custom kitchens, called Some of these designs were inspired by the places he used to visit during holiday.

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