Hawaii – for the dive adventure of a lifetime!

If what you are looking for is a dive adventure of a lifetime, Hawaii is bound to be somewhere high up in your list of possibilities… We all know Hawaii for its pink orchids, its beaches, the warm people who greet you with an ‘aloha’ and a big smile! In the time that the world has known Hawaii since WWII, this group of literally hundreds of little islands dotting the Pacific Ocean has become a favorite tourist destination.
And then when you come to considering Hawaii for Scuba Diving the list of attractions come tumbling out – caverns, walls, pelagic dives, liveaboards, wrecks, lava tubes, house reefs – you name it and it is there! The most famous destinations in Hawaii that also offer a vista in terms of Scuba Diving attractions have been listed below… And with them you get the basic ins and outs of each island that you should know about!

  • Time to visit: Spring and summer are perfect for Diving.
  • Famous dives: The San Pedro and YO-257 wrecks; The wreck of the WWII minesweeper MAHI; The Sea Struggler wreck.
  • Marine Creatures: Come to O’ahu to witness the giant green sea turtles, slipper lobsters, reef fish, and white tip reef sharks.
  • PADI Training options: offers training for – The PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty course.

And of course,

“You’ll also want to consider earning your PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep Diver or Enriched Air Diver certifications before you dive off of the Hawaiian Islands. Once you’re there, don’t forget about your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Boat Diver or Wreck Diver certifications – O’ahu is a great place to acquire any of them.”
As they themselves inform you on their website padi.com

  • Other attractions: There’s the  USS Arizona Memorial, the Byodo-In Temple and the Aloha Stadium swap meet just to name a few.
  • Time to visit: Diving at Maui can be fun anytime of the year.
  • Famous dives: Molokini Crater where you get to see larger pelagic animals; St. Anthony and Carthaginian wrecks.
  • Marine Creatures: Maui is the place to be if you want to spot humpback whales (from December to February, though), the Lagoon Triggerfish, manta ray, eels and many different varieties of fish.

  • PADI Training options: You have the same training options here that you can find at Oahu.
  • Other attractions: When at Maui, even when not diving, you can take a look around the Road to Hana, and the Seven Sacred Pools… But there are also many others.
  • Time to visit: Anytime of the year is fine.
  • Famous dives: Black water Pelagic Dives; Manta Ray Night Dive; Shore Diving Lava Tubes.
  • Marine Creatures: You can see manta ray, and other large pelagic animals.
  • PADI Training options: For the Hawaii dives, PADI offers the Night Time Experience Course.
  • Other attractions: When not in the water, you can visit the Seahorse Farm, the Volcanoes National Park, and the Coffee shack and of course take a trip in the hopper planes to see the entire area from the air!

  • Time to visit: If you wish to photograph the migrating humpback whales, go in winter. Otherwise anytime of the year is fine.
  • Famous dives:  The Cavern I and II dives.
  • Marine Creatures: Known for many new fish species and other invertebrates.
  • PADI Training options: You have a number of options.
  • Other attractions: There is an entire shipwreck beach that you can visit.

  • Time to visit: You can visit Molokai anytime of the year.
  • Famous dives: A pristine dive spot, known for – Fish Bowl;  Fish Rain;  Fish corner.
  • Marine Creatures: You can expect to see Potter’s Angelfish, Milletseed Butterflyfish, Bandit Angelfish, Saddle Wrasse and a lot of other large pelagic fish.
  • PADI Training options: According to PADI.com,

    “Molokai diving is for experienced divers comfortable in rough water. Drift, live boat diving is the norm here so divers should also be comfortable making a free descent and safety stop without a line. A Master Scuba Diver® rating – with experience in deep and drift diving – is stronglyrecommended.”

  • Other attractions: When over water, don’t miss the Kalaupapa National Historic Park.
  • Time to visit: Year round dives are fine here.
  • Famous dives: Turtle bluffs or Sheraton Caverns; Koloa Landing; Tunnels Beach; Anini Beach.
  • Marine Creatures: Creatures often seen here include sea turtles, manta rays, grey reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, spinner dolphins, lobsters, sea urchins, and octopus among many others. This place is great for marine photography also.
  • PADI Training options: The usual training is offered, with the additional PADI DigitalUnderwater Photographer specialty course.
  • Other attractions: Take a boat trip along the Napali Coast.

  • Time to visit: Except winter, any other time of the year is fine.
  • Famous dives: None in particular. But any dive here is a rewarding experience with underwater caverns.
  • Marine Creatures: Catch a glimpse of flying fish, the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals, sharks, pilot whales, gigantic sea urchins and many more.
  • PADI Training options: You need expert training for diving here, and you can get that from the PADI dive shops here.
  • Other attractions: Being thesmallest inhabited island in Hawaii it can be quite an attraction, but if you have seasickness, the crossing to Ni’ihau may be a little difficult.

So, come visit Hawaii, and let her zap you with her underwater treasures… After all, this IS what dream holidays are made of!

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