Different Ways to Decide Where to Travel

The most challenging thing about travelling is selecting a destination. It’s not the destination but journey that matters but to begin the journey you need a reason to travel. The following article lists some interesting ways that you can narrow down your list. If you just start with the world you will end up spending your entire holiday attempting to narrow your selection down.

If you are a festival and party appreciator than why not start by looking for the very best the world has to offer? If you are someone that doesn’t mind a crowd then this may be the perfect way for you to choose a location. This is a great time to meet locals and other tourists, a holiday for the social. You can find more information about events on http://www.travel-associates.com.au or Rough Guide’s World Party. You’ll need to be organised with your accommodation, it’s always first in best dressed.



If you are really up for going anywhere and exploring you could simply throw a dart at a world map. It’s a little crazy but a bit of spontaneity never resulted in a bad time. This method is exciting and really gets the adrenalin pumping, you could go anywhere.



I am referring to the social media platform, not the noise a bird makes. Take advantage of technology and the vast amount of technology that is available to us. This is a great way to find out about new hot spots or uncovered gems. There are thousands of travel experts waiting to help you and they are just at the tips of your fingers.

Blog it


This continues on with the notion of taking advantage of today’s technology. You are reading this on a blog so it’s only natural that I assume you have a blog. If my assumption is correct, why not ask your blog readers to vote? Your blog may not be travel based but your followers may still be interested. Who’s not interested in travel? Go to them with a list that needs narrowing or conduct a focus group inspired blog post. People will most likely suggest destinations they themselves have visited and therefore will be able to suggest intimate locations you won’t find by yourself.



Most of us go travelling to see sights, why not plan your holiday around world heritage listed sights? Check out The World Heritage List, it offers 800 sites of natural and cultural value. The committee looks to promote and preserve these stunning landmarks. They exhibit natural beauty and human achievements. Italy has the highest number of sites recognised by the committee if you are looking to invest your money in one destination. It has forty properties.

By Jasmine Poole

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