4 Misconceptions About Cruises

Chances are that whatever you think you know about going on a cruise, will likely be a lot different to when you actually go on the cruise. We have certain ideas about what it would be like, and how we would handle it, because of being at sea, but in reality, it’s more like being on a big floating hotel than on a boat. It’s probably a good thing really because cruises are very much one of travels best kept secrets. Here are 4 misconceptions about cruises.



Despite what you may fear about getting sea sick on a cruise, in reality the boat is so big that most people are not even aware they are on a boat. With smaller boats that are being tossed around on the waves there is every chance that seasickness may strike, but on a cruise most people do not get sick. Most modern cruise ships actually have been designed to reduce the rolling (side to side) motion of the boat and are equipped with computer technology to reduce the pitching (up and down) motion that is often expected on a boat at sea. Despite that fact, there may be the odd person who does suffer from sea sickness but this is usually due to their own physical design and not really anything to do with the cruise.



One might look at the idea of 7 days on a boat with nowhere to go but on the boat, but in reality there is so much to do on a cruise that people will start wishing they had more time. Cruise lines provide a huge range of activities for passengers, ranging from games, to lectures, wine tastings, cooking classes, card tournaments and all sorts of different activities. Once you have done all that there is always the option of catching a few rays of sun by the pool. A lot of newer cruise ships include all sorts of themed activities, with some having fun parks on board, and others including a climbing wall for people who want to climb.

Cruises are only for old people


There was once a time where the only people that went on cruises were old people who were waiting to die. But these days cruises have become a popular choice for younger folk, with groups booking a vacation together and young families taking their kids on their first cruise holiday. You are bound to find people your own age on a cruise, it’s just a matter of where you are looking. Check out the Cruiseabout Australia website for cruise ideas that cater to your specific interests.

I’ll be doing nothing but eating


The common misconception that going on a cruise is all about eating is really down to the individual. If you want to make it all about your next meal then you are very welcome to do that, but there are so many other things to do on the cruise, that thinking about your next meal will probably be the least of your thoughts.

Written by Natalie Brown

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